Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology and the Realization of Justice

The function of forensic psychology in developing legal evidence for the court of law can be considered having important values for the justice system. Forensic psychology is capable to be applied in many field related to the justice system, such as child protection services, child custody cases, juvenile justice, civil matters, etc. Its ability of establishing facts and presenting psychological findings in a legal language for the justice system cannot be underestimated. It is also capable of providing legal personnel with valuable information in an understandable language.

Forensic psychology has various important functions in the field of justice. A forensic psychologist may have essential roles in justice activities, such as investigating child abuse reports, evaluating child custody cases, assessing defendant competency in court, or providing psychotherapy assistance to victims of crime. The broad knowledge of forensic psychologists in the field of psychology and justice system qualifies them for becoming an expert witness in court. Their ability in analyzing evidences is very helpful in the investigation of many criminal cases, and thus very useful in the realization of justice.

Although an undergraduate or Bachelors Degree could already provide many working opportunities such as becoming probations or correctional officers in prisons, graduate degree or Masters Degree in forensic psychology would open many more working opportunities with even higher salaries. In Bachelors Degree programs, students will learn about the practices and ideology of psychology within the criminal justice system. They will also be provided with the knowledge on scientific methods, research standards, and ethical issues. In Masters Degree programs, students will be concentrated more on understanding human behavior and/or actions. They will learn deeper in the knowledge of psychology, and will also receive wider knowledge regarding the criminal justice system. This Masters Degree will most likely able to be achieved in two or three years of study.


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