Forensic Psychology Degrees Are Not For Movies

The word forensic here refers to the application of scientific knowledge to investigate and establish facts of interest related to the field of criminal justice system or civil law. Forensic psychology on the other hand, is the combination of psychology and the understanding of the justice system. One of the most important aspects of forensic psychology is the ability of presenting psychological findings in a legal language before the court of law, and providing helpful and understandable information to legal personnel.

Many recent television shows or movies have made working as a forensic psychologist looks like a very interesting job. Being trapped in a criminal investigation of a murder case with a very mysterious psychopathic killer make the job sounds like a thriller movie. Unfortunately, life is not a movie. Working in the field of forensic psychology often has just turning out to be a dull kind of jobs, such as investigating some reports of child abuses, evaluating child custody cases, providing therapy for crime victims, becoming a juvenile correction officer or probation counselor, etc.

However, education in the field of forensic psychology promises an abundance of working opportunities. There are a variety of forensic psychology degrees available, such as Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, and Doctorate Degree. These degrees in forensic psychology also provide different job opportunities and salaries. An undergraduate degree or Bachelors Degree will provide you with the practices and ideology between psychology and the knowledge of criminal justice system. A Masters Degree will concentrate more on the practices of understanding people and their psychological behaviors. This Masters Degree will provide more job opportunities and higher salaries. A Doctorate Degree will make you become a licensed forensic psychologist. In order to achieve this Doctorate Degree, you will be required to serve in an internship role for a certain period of time, and produce your dissertation writing based on original research. Being a legal forensic psychologist would also allow you to work in the research and development areas.


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